Data Management Products


The  products that are integrated with  the Bowdens communications module   as an option are:   Pathfinder 360 Alpha Comms,  MK10  portable  FPI,  and SIGMA  OC/EFI and SIGMA EFI.  These products  can be fitted  with either  a 4G  comms module, or  a  GSM Comms module,  and have a number of reporting options.

In all cases  the Comms module  can be loaded with a SIM card of your choice,  can operate on the public APN or on a private APN.  The module is powered from the same battery as powers the fault indicator,  so no separate power source is required, whilst maintaining  the predicted battery life of the FPI of 10 years.  The Comms antenna  is  integral within  each unit, so externally  one cannot tell  if the  instrument is equipped with communications for security reasons.

These  instruments  all report on event,  so cannot be  scanned remotely,  this is to secure  the exceptional battery life.  A unit will report on alarm  with details of the alarm event and an accurate time stamp of the event.  It will also report  its status  on a user settable frequency  to confirm the correct operation of that outstation.

The most flexible and comprehensive system that has been proven as an effective working solution that offers future expansion using many manufactures devices is the Nortech I-Host  alarm data management platform. I-Host offers a number of flexible options to running hosted or web-browser software, or as a fully supported client based program and offers full integration with a number of SCADA networks.

All of the Bowden Bros devices can be compatible with this software, and the delivery and support of   I-Host developed by Nortech management Systems is recommended by Bowden Bros.  For further information visit

Bowden Bros have also developed  an interface  with GE  PowerOn Fusion SCADA  to allow  messages to be sent directly from  Pathfinder 360 Alpha 4G  to  multiple FEPs,  using  Radius Server addresses, which act as a protocol convertor to deliver  to SCADA,  allowing   pictorial reprentation of each Pathfinder.  Secure two way communication allows  messages to be downloaded  as well as new parameters to be uploaded to Pathfinder.

Bowden Bros also have their own Alarm Management software, Powerwatch EComs,  for a simple local solution to data gathering and management of a number of devices in a local office.