Current Transformers

Bowdens supply cast resin C/Ts either split core or solid core with a turns ratio of 60:1  With a standard i.d. of 90mm they are designed to fit around the H.V. cable using the clamp provided.

A special double wound split core C/T is available for our NB range.

Bowdens also supply the band C/T which is an open ended, split core C/T wound on a flexible stainless steel core, and can be made to various standard lengths.  Standard nominal i.d. dimensions are:   50mm  for single phases in a cable box.   120mm  standard earth fault applications.   220mm  for extending around 3 single phase conductors to give out of balance earth fault.  380mm for larger separation around 3 single phase conductors.  The Omega band CT is encapsulated in flexible polyolefin tubing with a thermoplastic adhesive inner liner. The inner liner melts when the material is shrunk to seal and encapsulate the internal components of the band CT offering environmental protection. The polyolefin tubing has an operating temperature range of -55°C to +85°C and has excellent UV performance.