Omega III

OMEGA III  efi   –  No battery required for the LV version.

The Omega is an  Earth Fault relay with a dual indicator –  RED LED & FLAG  that can be operated from  from a Bowden Band C/T or a  conventional  cast resin core balance C/T.  It has user settable  trip current, and trip duration settings, as well as  a  reset time range of  between  3 and 12 hours.  It can be powered by a replaceable long life Lithium battery giving a 15 year average life under normal operating conditions or it  can a be powered from the incoming LV mains, in which case the option for LV supply reset is available. The indicator is driven by high capacity super caps  whilst the LV supply is absent.  This means that no batteries are required with the LV  unit.   The OMEGA III efi  has a high intensity RED LED indicator  as well as a BLACK/RED FLAG DISC  and the facility for  a remote LED indicator external to the substation.  It has  two alarm output relays with either latching or fleeting function.   OMEGA III may also be powered and reset  from an RTU supply.

It also has manual controls for  TEST & RESET.

  • Earth Fault Indicator with twin LED & FLAG local indication.
  • Remote LED indicator can be used outside the substation.
  • User selectable for trip current  20 to 200 amps ,  &  fault duration  20msecs to 200msecs.
  • User selectable timed reset   3 to  12 hours.
  • Powered from 15 year Lithium battery or LV mains with super capacitors to power unit  during fault duration
  • LV Reset available when powered from LV.
  • Two Alarm output relay – changeover volts free with Latching or fleeting options.
  • Push button Test & Reset,
  • Band sensor C/T or Cast Resin C/T.

OMEGA II  efias per Omega  apart from:

  • User selectable  trip current  between  20 and 100 amps.
  • User selectable fault duration  between  40msecs and 200msecs.
  • Two alarm output relays  with  latching  or fleeting function.
  • User selectable  timed reset between 3 and 12 hours.
  • Powered and reset from RTU supply option.