Omega EFI


The Omega is a low cost Earth Fault relay that can be operated from  from a Bowden Band C/T or a  conventional  cast resin core balance C/T.  It has factory pre-set trip current, and trip delay, but a user selectable reset time of 3 or 6 hours.  It can be powered by a replaceable long life Lithium battery giving a 15 year average life under normal operating conditions or it  can a be powered from the incoming LV mains, in which case the option for LV supply reset is available.   The OMEGA efi  has a high intensity RED LED indicator  and  an alarm output relay. It also has manual controls for  TEST & RESET.

  • Earth Fault Indicator.
  • Factory selectable for trip current,  &  fault duration.
  • User selectable timed reset function for 3 or 6 hours.
  • Powered from 15 year Lithium battery or LV mains.
  • LV Reset available when powered from LV.
  • Alarm output relay – changeover volts free
  • Push button Test & Reset,
  • Band sensor C/T or Cast Resin C/T.

OMEGA II  efias per Omega  apart from:

  • User selectable  trip current  between  20 and 100 amps.
  • User selectable fault duration  between  40msecs and 200msecs.
  • Two alarm output relays  with  latching  or fleeting function.
  • User selectable  timed reset between 3 and 12 hours.
  • Powered and reset from RTU supply option.