Embedded Design


Bowdens specializes in the design of small, intelligent embedded products, leveraging ARM microcontrollers. Our designs encompass various communication options such as USB, Ethernet, RS485, and CANBUS serial communications. We have a proven track record in implementing wireless communication designs like LoRa radio, GPS, GSM modem, and Bluetooth. Additionally, we excel in touchscreen, LCD, and OLED technologies. Our expertise extends to custom LED lighting designs, including WS2811 LED control and display boards/strips. We have also been involved in IoT product design and R&D of internet-enabled devices. Furthermore, we have designed peripherals and accessories for Raspberry Pi and its variants. Our designs often incorporate DC/DC power supplies, including mains and battery-powered products, with features like Lithium polymer battery charger or lead-acid battery charger control.


  • Expertise in small, intelligent embedded product design
  • ARM microcontrollers and various communication options
  • Implementation of LoRa radio, GPS, GSM modem, and Bluetooth wireless communication
  • Designs for touchscreens, LCD, and OLED technologies
  • Custom LED lighting designs (WS2811 LED control and display)
  • IoT product design and internet-enabled devices
  • Peripherals and accessories for Raspberry Pi
  • DC/DC power supplies and battery charger control