Pathfinder MK8

Programmable Earth Fault or Overcurrent and Earth Fault Indication

The highly successful portable MK8 Pathfinder is an essential tool for linesmen and fault repair teams to localize earth faults or phase-to-phase faults on 11 or 33kV overhead lines. The Portable FPI can be strapped to a clean pole at eye level, allowing operators to determine if the fault extends beyond that pole and enabling quick pinpointing of hard-to-find faults with multiple units. The MK8 features a long-life lithium battery with a minimum eight year lifespan under normal conditions, and it includes a battery test facility during the switch-on routine.


  • Portable engineer's tool carried in the van for fault localization.
  • Can be relocated to accurately pinpoint the fault location.
  • Variable sensitivity control for enhanced response to low fault currents.
  • Supplied with a pole strap and hard ABS case for three MK8 units.
  • Sealed enclosure for environmental protection, suitable for leaving on the network to locate recurring transient faults.