PCB Layout


Bowdens excels in PCB design and layout, ensuring a perfect fit for your physical requirements. We have extensive experience in designing multilayer boards, surface mounts, double-sided, and custom-shaped PCBs for new customers and products. Our designs can be exported as DXF outputs for mechanical design, enclosure fitting, and modification, or even full enclosure design. Additionally, we utilize CAM output data to configure surface mount placement machines. With a turnaround time as fast as 10 days, we can provide blank prototype PCBs and complete surface mount assembly if needed.

  • Expertise in PCB design and layout
  • Customized designs for physical requirements
  • Multilayer boards, surface mount, double-sided, and custom-shaped PCBs
  • DXF outputs for mechanical design and enclosure fitting
  • CAM output data for surface mount placement machines
  • Fast turnaround time of 10 days for blank prototype PCBs and surface mount assembly