Software design


At Bowdens, our software designers excel at quickly and efficiently implementing your requirements or software specifications. We specialize in four areas of product software development: full-stack web development with VueJs frontend and Python or NodeJS backend, database management using PostgreSQL, embedded software development with PIC C and ARM C/C++ languages, mobile app development with NativeScript VueJS, and PC application development including Unix-based server applications in NodeJS, C++, and Python. Our designs undergo thorough verification against Customer Acceptance Test Specification or the original Requirements Specification.


  • Efficient implementation of software designs based on requirements or specifications
  • Specialization in full-stack web development (VueJs frontend, Python/NodeJS backend)
  • Database management using PostgreSQL
  • Expertise in embedded software development (PIC C, ARM C/C++)
  • Mobile app development with NativeScript VueJS
  • PC application development (Unix-based server applications in NodeJS, C++, Python)
  • Designs verified against Customer Acceptance Test Specification or original Requirements Specification.