Pathfinder 360 Alpha

Permanently installed Pathfinder for 11 & 33 kV networks with local indication

The Pathfinder 360 Alpha is an inductive Fault Passage Indicator installed below the conductors of an overhead line. It detects imbalances in the electromagnetic field in single or three-phase, solidly earthed HV networks ranging from 6 to 36kV. It can sense phase-to-phase and earth faults as low as 12 Amps and determines the fault's nature (transient or permanent) by analyzing the surrounding voltage field. The instrument continuously monitors residual current and voltage fields and triggers when it detects fault current exceeding the di/dt threshold curve.


  • High-intensity white LED indicates permanent faults, and red LED provides 24-hour indication of faults.
  • Auto gain feature minimizes residual field caused by load imbalance and spikes.
  • Sensing logic incorporates a di/dt time curve mirroring a typical protection curve.
  • Dead time suppression to mitigate the effects of magnetizing inrush current.
  • Variable response and reset logic based on model type.
  • Polycarbonate enclosure offers excellent environmental protection (better than IP67).
  • Option for alarm relay output to connect with RTU.
  • Fully tested for electromagnetic compatibility, temperature rise, environmental conditions, and vibration.
  • Powered by a long-life lithium battery with a proven lifespan exceeding 10 years.