Pathfinder 360 Alpha and Comms

Permanently installed Pathfinder for 11 & 33kV networks with 4G, GPRS or GSM Comms.

The Pathfinder 360 Alpha Comms offers a communication package as an optional addition to the Pathfinder 360 Alpha. This enables one-way or two-way communication to a mobile telephone or an alarm data management software platform. The integrated "Comms" package operates on 4G, with automatic fallback to 3G or 2G if necessary, or on GPRS or GSM networks. It allows engineers to quickly identify fault locations, reduces restoration times, and provides regular status updates, including battery life and RSSI data.


  • Messaging capabilities via 4G, GSM, or GPRS to a public or private APN.
  • Heartbeat data confirms the health of the outstation regularly.
  • Remote adjustment of operating parameters, such as sensitivity.
  • Messages can be directed to multiple locations, including mobile telephones.
  • Ultra-low power demand ensures a 10-year lifespan, even with the Comms package.
  • Commissioning can be done through a dedicated web page or by the manufacturer.
  • Time stamping of fault events.​